Made-To-Measure Executive Assistantship

By choosing our management assistantship services, you opt for simplicity.

Simplicity of exchanges: Simply call us for the service to be delivered.

Simplicity of operation: We are operational.

Contractual simplicity: No commitment, no minimum fee payable.

Free your mind and let yourself be carried away by our wonder services.

This is what is WONDERful about Mon Assistante :

Ten years of experience in independent executive assistantship.

Exclusive working methods developed for remote executive assistantship.

executive assistantship

Why choose us ?



Ah, if only it was enough to have a computer (and a table to put it on) to become an unfailing professional!

The years have forged our experience and the demanding nature of our clients keeps us up to speed!

From 8:30 am, Monday to Friday.
By telephone: (+33) 02 46 46 50 05



90% of the time, we work for our clients remotely. Once a month, we travel to Paris. We meet our clients where geographically possible, but this is not always the case!


Press Review

Since I started, I have had the chance to meet many people. Randomly, from certain meetings, an article or an interview emerges about my profession.

Given the years, radio links are no longer active.

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